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Press Releases & Coverage

"Flashes from the Past: Echoes from Ancient Supernovae" (NOAO) Universe Today scienceblog.com space.com
physorg.com spaceref.com ESA

"Light Echoes Bring 400-year-old Supernova Into Focus" (Gemini, Chandra) NY Times National Geographic USA Today
New Scientist space.com Spiegel
YouTube thaindian.com rdmag.com
spaceref.com scientificblogging.com spacespin
moontoday.net thenakedscientist.com labspaces.net

"Famous Supernovae Still Echo Across the Milky Way" (Harvard) astronomy.com professorastronomy CS monitor
physorg.com moontoday.com webindia123
spaceref.com andhranews.net arxivblog