The Art of Electronics

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"It's the only book I recommend -- and you can quote me on that!" -- Jim Williams, Linear Technology Corp.

"Without doubt, The Art of Electronics is the finest practical guide to electrical engineering I've ever read. I speak from experience. I've worked as an electrical engineer for roughly eight years. Nor is mine a solitary opinion." -- Michael Hill [no relation], Sorrento Electronics

"I must write to congratulate you and your co-author on your magnificent (it is the only word for it) book The Art of Electronics. To achieve the encyclopaedic coverage you have within the confines of a single volume is a remarkable achievement, and the relaxed, informal style and lucid explanation are a joy to read. Above all the injection of reality into an often poorly taught discipline is most refreshing." -- Prof. J. R. Greene, Univ. of Cape Town

"Finally [I was reading] a book that de-emphasized math and emphasized electronics -- I had died and gone to heaven! This is the book I have been searching for since I was in 9th grade. The Art of Electronics is second only to Mother Goose." -- Ossian Riday, CS&EE student at Univ. of St. Andrews, Scotland

"Dear H&H, Lost the only other book I brought with me in Paris & have been forced to re-read AOE2. It is (still) superb. You guys are the "Click & Clack" of electronics (& much more)...I use your book every day; I've even made it into paperback (the binding fell off)." -- D. Hedden, consultant, Paris

"Your book is a crown jewel in the branch of electronics literature. It is my recreation reading it in free evenings." -- Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Rinderele, Germany

"I open your book each morning at random as my Grandfather used to do with his bible and always find either an old friend (today the Foster Seely discriminator which I used in 1945) or some detail that I had not previously fully understood." -- Peter Suckling, New Zealand

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