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Professor Huth is involved in studies of very high energy phenomena, much of which is connected to understanding the fundamental forces of nature and its relation to the large scale structure of the universe.


Useful information:

Office phone at Harvard 617 495 8144

Cell phone 617 594 6549

Fax 617 495 0416

Office at CERN 011 41 22 767 1152 (40 -2- C24)

Address: 17 Oxford Street Physics Dept, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

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ATLAS Experiment

Colloquium on Higgs (PDF) 17 Sept 2012

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Open Science Grid All Hands meeting presnentation (PDF) 9 Mar 2011

Open Science Grid All Hands meeting presentation (PPT) 9 Mar 2011

Simulated ATLAS Collision Video

ATLAS Assembly Video


First Beam Lecture

UPA Sermon 2006