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BOOKS by RICHARD WILSON and co-authurs:

Physics is Fun - Memoires of a Life in Physics

by Richard Wilson
was printed by MIRA DIGITAL PUBLISHING of St Louis Missouri, USA.

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Nucleon- Nucleon Interaction (Wiley-Interscience) 1963
Energy Ecology and the Environment (1975)
Health Effects of Fossil Fuel Buring Ballinger (1980)
Risk-benefit Analysis
Particles in Our Air Harvard University Press. (1996)
Risk-Benefit Analysis 2nd Edition Harvard University Press. (2001)
A Brief History of the Harvard Cyclotrons Harvard University Press. (2004)

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  N.E. Adam et al.   CLNS 01/1774, CLEO 01-27  Postscript (1.6 MB)  -  SPIRES Search
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SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0202033  
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            Presented at
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            Report by an ad-hoc group  (Energy Forum) of nuclear scientsists from MIT ansd surrounding Universities

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            Presented at the Vatican, November 2009.   

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           Presented at the 43rd International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies, Erice Sicily, August 20th 2010.

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           Presented at the 43rd International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies, Erice Sicily, August 21st 2010.
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   "After Chernobyl: the Life of a Nuclear Expert", Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, April 26th 2011.

   "Andrei Sakharov's Positions on Nuclear Power and ABMs",
           Presentation at Conference on the 90th anniversary of his birth, Moscow, May 21st 2011.

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             Presented at the 44th Meeting on Planetary Emergencies, Erice Sicily, August 20th 2011.

924      "The Developement of Risk Analysis: A Personal Perspective"(word format), Version March 13th 2012.
            (Based on a presentation to the 2nd World Congress on Risk --Society of Risk Analysis, Guadalajara, Mexico, June 8th 2008.)

925      "Resource Letter EIRLD-2: Effects of Ionizing Radiation at Low Doses", Version November 14th 2011.
            (HTML version w/ links to references) and (word format)
926      Comment Letter: "There is  no game to change. Part of the problem is in physicists' laziness about public affairs."(word format download)
            will be published on the Letter Page (pp.4) of the December 2011 Issue of APS News (pdf download).

927      HAPPEX collaboration: New Precision Limit on the Strange Vector Form Factors of the proton
            Phys. Rev. Lett., 108,102001 (2012).

928      My personal recollections of Andrei Dmitreycvich Sakharov
            and the issues and precepts he poses

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            Scattering -  HAPPEX collaboration, Phys. Recv. Letts in press 2012.

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931      Brief remarks about Norman F Famsey March 3rd 2012

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in publication 2012, Version March 12th 2012.

933       Remembering Highlights of Physics at Harvard.Unpunblished memo

934       Response to The Award of The 2011 APS Sakharov Prize, February 28th 2012.

935       Review of:  TMI-2- An Event in Accident Management for Light-Water-Moderaated Reactors  by Robert E. Henry  subitted to Nuclear News
936      The Risks of Human Extinction Presented to the Permanent Monitoring Panel on Mitigation of Terrorist Actions at the workshop on Saturday August 24th 2013

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941         Asbetos Exposures Associated With Motorcycle Riding and Hiking On Asbetos-Containing Soils: Risk of Asbetos-Related Cancer  Wilson R, Kelse J, Nord GL, Nolan RP, Langer AM. 17(3): 93-112, 2016

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